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The Big Top will be open from 6th September. We will still be opening on the same basis as we are now for the first half term. As we are not sure about finishing times/guidelines of Meryfield school in September we feel this is for the best. Hopefully things change and we can go back to normal soon.

If you require any information please email on... as the phone will be turned off from Wednesday 21st July 2021 until Monday 6th September 2021.

All our policies are for when we are back and aloud to run normally again but there is a policy to cover our time through Covid-19.
This will still apply for September unless you are contacted of any changes.

Welcome to the website of our after school club, "MOOSC".

Opening times + Charges

2:50pm - 5:00pm [Monday - Friday]

£6.00 for the first hour your child attends plus another
£3.00 for each hour or part of after that.
All fees must be paid in advance or on the night your child attends.

Tea Time

The children have tea soon after the club opens each day. The menus are varied and aim to provide a healthy snack, which the children will enjoy.
Tea is provided for children between 3:15pm and 3:34pm.
There is a one off registration fee of £10 per child


Please take a look at our latest newsletter, you can view/download it here: Newsletter September 2021.

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