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The Big Top is run by trained staff who plan the activities for children to have fun and learn whilst playing. All staff are police checked for their suitability to work with children. There is always a trained first aider available. The premises and equipment have passed all checks. Children are checked in and signed out by an authorised person. Staff have been on many courses including First Aid, Food Safety, Allergen Awareness, Child Protection and Play.


To enable all children to have fun safely, reasonable behaviour is essential.
The club expects and will encourage children to behave responsibly and to respect both staff and each other.
Children are expected to respond to requests from staff. Repeated disobedience and/or persistent anti-social behaviour could disrupt the club for all. Consequently, the club reserves the right to terminate membership.

Jackie Gaitely - Manager
Amber Boorman - Deputy manager/EYFS leader
Adam Sheaf - Playleader
Emma Dawson - Playleader
Debbie Clark - Playleader
Lume Morina - Playleader
Amanda Savill - Playleader

All staff are DBS checked and have safeguarding certificates
At least 50% of staff are first aid trained at all times